5 Ways Travel Is Changing Our World

5 Ways Travel Is Changing Our World

At celebrations for World Tourism Day, We become better people when we travel. Travel has become a way of life.” The challenge as we move forward into a world where nearly 2 billion people are embracing this ‘way of life’ is to ensure that we can still harness the power of travel, and tourism, to protect and conserve our natural world and the people within it — to transform our world for better. Here travel and tourism courses provide sustainable development in career.

Here are 5 ways Travel & Tourism is already positively transforming lives and places around the world:

5 Ways Travel Is Changing Our World


Economic Opportunities

Many other sectors provide jobs and sustain livelihoods but tourism can harness the spirit of a community in ways that other sectors can’t. As the youngest generation with disposable income, they want to secure their career in travel and tourism. They want to be able to research and book others trips and tours online.


Travel & Tourism creates local networks, support, and a common purpose.

Tourism doesn’t just drive our global economy, it drives our local communities and the people within them. It can create a shared value and common purpose. People are connecting with each other in their rural and remote part of the world. Digital marketing company are playing a vital role in it.


Travel & Tourism brings scope for growth

The WTTC has estimated that tourism in India contributed to 6.6% of the national GDP in 2012 and earned a whopping INR 6.4 trillion! Apart from supporting 7.7% of the national employment, India is becoming a hot destination for medical tourism, which has an annual growth of 30% and will reach INR 95 billion by 2015.4. Because of enormous opportunities travel institutes provide good travel and tourism placements. One could dare say that the room for growth in travel and tourism in India is nearly exponential!



When it comes to travel it always comes down to food at some point, doesn’t it? Food tourism has become an emerging trend among travelers everywhere and tourism experts have taken notice.

Food experiences are not limited to simply dining out. It includes cooking courses, farm tours and the classic food markets, which make up about 95% of these experiences.

5 Ways Travel Is Changing Our World


Travel & Tourism creates livelihoods and opportunities for everyone in society.

Tourism directly employs 109 million people around the world. For those working for large companies, entrepreneurs operating in a single destination, and people delivering the tourism experience directly, Travel courses provide the opportunities that this presents for people from all walks of life gaining employment is unparalleled.

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