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Why Be a Travel Entrepreneur

We are living in exciting times and as the say – The world is changing everyday. 20 years back the most expensive form of communication used to be a telephone call or the fax and in today’s world the email is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Here at International Institute of Travel we teach you how and why to become a Travel Entrepreneur. I am yet to come across any person who does not enjoy travelling and as ALDOUS HUXLEY SAYS- To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

Travel Entrepreneur at iitravel

So How about Being in a profession which makes you Travel the world. I have a dream job where I have traveled to more than 90 countries and I GET to make people Travel in the manner in which I would normally Travel. Yes, I am a TRAVEL ENTREPRENEUR and I CHOSE this profession rather than being sucked into it. In Today’s world Travel is so exciting because of ONE AND ONLY REASON- MOBILE PHONE. You can take  photos , instantly upload them on Facebook or Instagram, get likes or criticism . Not many people realize that just taking Travel Photos can be turned into a profession. YES, Today most of the Travel companies are going online and they need GENUINE PHOTOS These photos can be either shot themselves (which is way too expensive) or can be bought from various websites -AGAIN EXPENSIVE. However all such photos which are taken by various travelers can be sold online to various content and web developers who will happily take REAL photos rather than PROFESSIONAL photos. So start clicking away and make lots of money.

In today’s world Travel is actually Booked on mobile Phones. All websites are making mobile friendly apps, travel is being researched online, new websites come and go everyday everyone hire digital marketing company to grow, so how can a young person sitting at Home , wanting to see the world become an entrepreneur?

Lets  call that person Elf. If elf is good in English Literature, elf can actually be a content writer for future websites. If Elf , likes to party and visit all happening places in town, Elf can actually become a guide for a Pub crawl in the city, If elf likes to eat different kinds of cuisine , Elf can start a food trail and show all local people and foreigners  best places to local cuisine in the city. In today’s world there is no end of opportunities as the world has shrinked and anyone and LITERALLY anyone can be contacted in a second. So think about it and we TEACH AND TRAIN of this at the first Institute of its kind- INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL. We have trained staff from The industry for Both outbound and Inbound Tours and the best course to follow thru is LUXURY TRAVEL where we learn How to cater to the whims and fancies of a Luxury traveler. Batches start in Mid February and we offer scholarships to needy students upto Rs. 25000. Look it up at www.iitravel.org and contact us 9599697985.


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  • Asmita
    February 21, 2019
    February 21, 2019

    Guidance about the travel entrepreneur course

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